Bacini’s FAQ

Why buy from Bacini ?

• At Bacini Style, we have a vast collection of contemporary and traditional styled basins.
• We sell a range of beautifully designed above the counter basins, corner basins, earth stone basins, cloakroom basins, glass basins, semi recessed basins, wall hung basins, inset basins, classic pedestal basins and several others accessories. You will find everything you are looking for.
• All our products come in various shapes, sizes and designs, and have an added classy and contemporary touch to them.
• Also, having pre-made combination packs for you that are already equipped with well-designed and long-lasting faucets and taps, to save you from shelling out some extra dollars! Eg. The Vogue pack and the Contemporary pack, If they are not the ones for you, do not worry. Just flip through our next page where we have a number of modern-designed taps and faucets to choose from.
• All our products’ finishing is of a top notch quality, and our basins come with a 7 year guarantee.

What is different about Bacini ?

Bacini is different because we’re an affordable family owned , yet top quality brand. Unlike other sites, where you’re paying too much for products.

Alot of our stock is unique, timeless, and alot of options to suit what you’re looking for.

We sell everything as well, basins, toilets, showers, bathroom accessories, Tapware and more, so no need to search from site to site.

Does Bacini offer Returns?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with your item, we happily will give you a refund once the item is sent back to us. But we highly doubt you will have any issues with your purchased products.

Which is the best washbasin to buy?

Buying the best wash basin , all depends on what you need, your personal preferences, your budget and the space you have in your bathroom.

There are alot of different options ahead of you, so making sure you get the right sizes, and right prices that suit your needs is essential.

How do I care for a Marble Basin?

Our marble basins need to be cleaned with a soapy water, or a dish washing liquid. They’re all coated with 8 layers which makes them last up to 10 years in good hands. You cannot use Spray & Wipes, Jiff etc.  If needed: to reseal basins, the best choice is to use Blue Stone Sealant.

What Should You Keep in Consideration when buying a sink?

The size of the sink ware that is needed in your kitchen should be given the prime importance before zeroing in on any product. A wrong size can have an ‘ill-fitting’ effect on your beautiful kitchen.
Also, the material of the sink ware is crucial. Whether you need a stainless steel one, or the one made of granite, or any other material, make sure you know what you need.
Also, decide whether you want an under mount sink ware, or a top mount one. Whether you need a deeper bowl, two or three basins together or something else, you should already figure out, what would be best for your kitchen.

Are Bacini’s products Australian standard?

Bacini’s bath ware, is all up to Australian standard and WELS approved, so you’re always confident you’re getting the best Australian products.

What are the warranties on products?

All Bacini’s bath ware comes with a range different warranties,

Basins – 7 Year warranty.

Tapware – 5 year warranty

Sinks- 25 year warranty

Toilets – 5 year Warranty

Showers- 2 year warranty

Bathroom accessories- 1 year warranty, excluding glass, and plastic accessories.

Where does Bacini post too?

Bacini sends our products to all states in Australia.

How long after I purchase will my item be shipped?

All purchases are generally dispatched within 1-2 business days.