Our Story


It begins with style.

It’s followed by a commitment to quality and brilliant customer service. Bathroom products built for quality and usability – Bacini style.

We are based in Melbourne – an Australian importer and supplier of the finest European-style designed bathroom products delivered to your door with the convenience of online ordering.

The fine reputation of the Bacini brand started with the vision of our family and continues today – delivering quality European style, with the quality bathroom products Australians demand and the convenience of online ordering for today’s discerning client, Making sure we always provide only the best.

Providing products for all of Australia, builders, multi-residential, people renovating their homes, new constructions, carpenters, cabinet makers and more.

You can trust the Bacini brand for stylish bathroom products in Australia – from our family, to yours. 

 We have made sure all our products are up to date, yet still include bathware that will suit any home, from the older homes, to the newly build modern homes. Our bathware products, are all mix and match, also there are packs that have been created to save you time trying to mix and match !We’ve made sure all these packs are spot on and will sit perfectly in your bathroom.

 We have researched and studied all the latest designs and architectural designs of today’s life style, for the simple family home, to modern apartments and hotels. At Bacini we are motivated to make sure that every customer is satisfied and that we  keep up with the latest looks. We know what the people of Australia want , and we provide it all. At Bacini we provide an extensive range of bathware products and accessories, including taps, basins, kitchen sinks, bathroom accessories, showers, toilets and more. Melbourne based with fast shipping and quality products, Designed for the architectural demands of today’s discerning client – Bacini. To view our extensive range of designer bathroom products in Australia, explore Our Range of products.

Ani DiFranco had once said, “I’d rather be able to face myself in the bathroom mirror than be rich and famous.” There used to be a time when your parents selected the best of everything for the rooms in your house, but somehow your bathroom and kitchen furnishings had to bear the brunt of the purse strings being tightened. Only the most basic furnishings got filtered down to grace the walls of your bathroom. However, now the times have changed, and people have begun to consider their bathrooms to be the focal point of the house, which emanates luxury and comfort. And this is where we at Bacini Style step into the picture, by teaching you to value your kitchen and bathroom as the spaces where you can be purely you in an unadulterated manner.
Based in Melbourne, our journey at Bacini Style started the way almost everything does; with fashion and style, what else? We decided that it was high time that someone took the responsibility of bringing style to the bathroom space without compromising on the quality of the products delivered. Thus, we took it upon ourselves to become the first Australian importer and supplier of bathroom furnishings uniquely made in the European style with the added ease and comfort of online ordering with product delivery at your doorstep.
We at Bacini Style are not just an impersonal company but a family of people who are dedicated to providing the best of the best to all our customers, all of whom have a refined sense of fashion and style. We excel in supplying furnishings not only to the homeowners who are trying to decorate their new flat or renovate their old home but also those architects who have undertaken multi-residential projects and the builders, cabinetmakers and the carpenters who aim to bring a certain class to everything that they take under their wing.
All the products that you will find at Bacini Style have been assembled taking into perspective the mix and match trend, which has been taking over the world of fashion right now. No matter what you buy from us, you can rest assured that it would blend in seamlessly with the decor you have in mind for your bathroom and kitchen. Our competitive record of success still remains unbeaten in the market as we launch each of our products only after a thorough research of the popular architectural designs of this day and age. We welcome you to browse through our collection of bathware and kitchen goods and accessories and we assure you that you won’t ever leave our website unsatisfied.
At Bacini, we know that your bathroom and kitchen are so much more that spheres that satisfy your necessities but also the places where you can escape to forget the struggles of your life and the rat race of the world. An hour worth of reading your favourite Cosmopolitan before you head off to your work or some soothing time baking chocolate cupcakes are all you need to conquer your fears and be empowered enough to face a new day.
Come to Bacini Style and welcome a new world at your home!