At Bacini, our range of stunning basins and vanities is only the beginning. Choose from wall basins, inset basins, under-mount basins and more, with tapware, toilets, baths and vanity units to add something special to your bathroom renovation.

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Whether you are building a new home, or redoing your interiors, renovating your rooms, or shifting locations, the tasks involved to get the entire thing done efficiently requires a lot of patience, care and dedication. You also have to invest in the right products, because it is a matter of years. You have to live with them, and you wouldn’t really like to call the plumber or other workers to fix your homes every now and then.
It is very necessary to buy genuine and quality products especially for the essentials at your home, like for your kitchens and bathrooms. We at Bacini Style understand your needs and have a collection of a range of products starting from basins to taps and toilets that would effortlessly fit in your homes’ corners. And the plus point is, you do not have to run here and there, or visit stores after stores, to look for the perfect products. It’s all there on our official page. Keep reading.

How to choose the right products?
If you are looking for a kitchen sink ware or basins, consider your kitchen space, and select the size that would fit in easily and also make your cook house look modern. Decide if you need a large sink or a small one, whether you need a dual/triple bowled basin or a single one. Whether you want the material to be stainless steel or, do you prefer porcelain or granite? For taps, faucets, and showerheads, check the quality, durability, and reliability of the products. Make sure they offer good performance and are stylish at the same time.
For other bathroom accessories, bathtubs and toilets, scrutinize the space where you plan to install them. Choose the correct size, style and colour according to your taste and preferences, and choose products that are of standard quality.

At Bacini Style
We are a Melbourne based company that is one of the most top rated companies in Australia dealing with bathroom products. We sell only genuine products that are of a gleaming quality, and we strive to keep our customers satisfied in every possible way. We also offer 3-5 years guarantee on all our products. Choose from amongst kitchenware, bathtubs, toilets, taps, shower heads, basins, waste fittings, bathroom accessories and many more products. We are sure you’ll be bowled over, by our finest quality and contemporary designed items.

We promise
Shopping with us at Bacini Style, you are sure to restore your faith in online shopping! Just browse through our official page, and add products to your cart. Make the payment, and your items will reach you in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Place your orders at the earliest, or they may run out of stock! In case you have any doubts, queries or complaints, you can simply call or mail us. We promise to redress them as soon as possible.
Give your bathrooms a complete makeover with our first-rate designed products, and watch how it transforms the entire set up! Visit us now.

Original Australian Designed Kitchen Sinks and Taps

Kitchen Sinks and sink ware, are essential for any home, and having the best is easy. Kitchen sinks are variable to your space and wants.
All Sinks come with 25 Year Warranty.
1.2 mm 304 Stainless Steel, (Thicker than usual more Durable) pressed is usually .8mm thick

All (Hand Made) fabricated sinks not made on a press

15mm Radius on corner

Fine brush finish, rubber padding all sides and anti condensation coating

Australian Designed and Owned

Let Your Kitchen Have the Best Sink Ware.
The interior décor at your home becomes the most important factor when you purchase a new apartment, shift to a new home, or simply renovate it. Undoubtedly, you demand a beautiful and well-equipped kitchen too. Talking about the cookhouse, who could deny the significance of the kitchen sink ware? After all, that poor thing is the victim of maximum use and abuse by you. When thinking of sketching your kitchen, along with the other necessary tools, you also want to purchase the best possible kitchen sinks and taps, that are both beautifully designed and long lasting. Look no further! Our company, ‘Bacini Style’, has a vast collection of delightfully constructed kitchen sink-ware products that are of a premium quality.

What Should You Keep in Consideration?
The size of the sink ware that is needed in your kitchen should be given the prime importance before zeroing in on any product. A wrong size can have an ‘ill-fitting’ effect on your beautiful kitchen.
Also, the material of the sink ware is crucial. Whether you need a stainless steel one, or the one made of granite, or any other material, make sure you know what you need.
Also, decide whether you want an under mount sink ware, or a top mount one. Whether you need a deeper bowl, two or three basins together or something else, you should already figure out, what would be best for your kitchen.

Our Products
You should choose the finest products that would suit your kitchen style and needs.
• We at Bacini Style, build standard quality kitchen sink wares ranging from the large single bowl, double bowl or even triple bowl sinks. The double bowl and triple bowl sinks are best for the kitchens that are super busy!
• We have both self-rimming and under mount sinks. While the former is to enhance the style of your kitchenette, the latter is more convenient for your daily usage.
• Our sinks are not just made of solid stainless steel; you can also choose from sinks built of natural stone, porcelain on steel, composite granite, cast iron, or vitreous china.
• All our sinks come in various widths and depths, and if required, we can build a customised one for you, right according to your instructions!

What We Promise
All our kitchen sinks and taps are durable, and we offer a 25 years guarantee on each of our kitchen sink ware products. Our appealing products have an elegant and unique brush finish, have an anti-condensation coating on them, and are encircled by rubber padding on all sides. We do not believe in complicating things, and at Bacini Style, you’ll find products that are simpler yet stylish. The designs are pure Australian, and we sell only genuine products.
So what are you waiting for? Visit our official website, and place an order for the kitchen sink-ware you’ve always wanted, online! We assure you of prompt delivery and customer support services.
You can also call us on our contact number provided on our website, or fill out the ‘contact us’ form for further information or clarification.