At Bacini, our range of stunning basins and vanities is only the beginning. Choose from wall basins, inset basins, under-mount basins and more, with tapware, toilets, baths and vanity units to add something special to your bathroom renovation.

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Make Your Home Stylish with Our Latest Accessories

Shell out money for the right products!
Whether you are building a new home, or redoing your interiors, renovating your rooms, or shifting locations, the tasks involved to get the entire thing done efficiently requires a lot of patience, care and dedication. You also have to invest in the right products, because it is a matter of years. You have to live with them, and you wouldn’t really like to call the plumber or other workers to fix your homes every now and then.
It is very necessary to buy genuine and quality products especially for the essentials at your home, like for your kitchens and bathrooms. We at Bacini Style understand your needs and have a collection of a range of products starting from basins to taps and toilets that would effortlessly fit in your homes’ corners. And the plus point is, you do not have to run here and there, or visit stores after stores, to look for the perfect products. It’s all there on our official page. Keep reading.

How to choose the right products?
If you are looking for a kitchen sink ware or basins, consider your kitchen space, and select the size that would fit in easily and also make your cook house look modern. Decide if you need a large sink or a small one, whether you need a dual/triple bowled basin or a single one. Whether you want the material to be stainless steel or, do you prefer porcelain or granite? For taps, faucets, and showerheads, check the quality, durability, and reliability of the products. Make sure they offer good performance and are stylish at the same time.
For other bathroom accessories, bathtubs and toilets, scrutinize the space where you plan to install them. Choose the correct size, style and colour according to your taste and preferences, and choose products that are of standard quality.

At Bacini Style
We are a Melbourne based company that is one of the most top rated companies in Australia dealing with bathroom products. We sell only genuine products that are of a gleaming quality, and we strive to keep our customers satisfied in every possible way. We also offer 3-5 years guarantee on all our products. Choose from amongst kitchenware, bathtubs, toilets, taps, shower heads, basins, waste fittings, bathroom accessories and many more products. We are sure you’ll be bowled over, by our finest quality and contemporary designed items.

We promise
Shopping with us at Bacini Style, you are sure to restore your faith in online shopping! Just browse through our official page, and add products to your cart. Make the payment, and your items will reach you in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Place your orders at the earliest, or they may run out of stock! In case you have any doubts, queries or complaints, you can simply call or mail us. We promise to redress them as soon as possible.
Give your bathrooms a complete makeover with our first-rate designed products, and watch how it transforms the entire set up! Visit us now.

Beautify Your Bathroom with Classy Toilet Suites in Melbourne

Invest in first-rate toilets!

With the advancement of technology, our lifestyle has got only better. Think of anything easier, and modernization has provided all of it to us. One such invention that has not only made a huge impact in our lives but is also something we cannot do without are the toilets! As the days pass, the demand for stylish and chic toilets is simply on the rise.
People want to style their bathrooms in the best possible ways, and even hire designers to make their ‘very private rooms’ look effortlessly beautiful. We see nothing wrong with that, because your day starts in the bathroom, and the king seat you sit for the ‘obvious job’ also makes you think of all possible things in the world, and can help you to take life decisions as well! Also, you can half-sleep on the seat!

At Bacini Style, we understand that with the upgradation of lifestyle, even your taste patterns are constantly changing. You need more of stylish things that also promise to be of superior quality. Look for dapper toilets no further. We have it all here.

How to select a toilet?

Choose the suite type:
You can select from amongst a number of toilet suites in Melbourne that suits your preference. Some of the types available normally are concealed toilets; wall faced toilets, close coupled toilets, connector toilet suites.

Make a choice for the pan style:
Even toilet pans come in diverse shapes and sizes. You can choose from S-strap pans, P-strap pans, Skew trap toilet pans, round front bowls, elongated bowls, etc.

Height of the toilet:
Who is going to use the particular toilet? Is it a child or a teenager? A youngster or an old member in the house? Toilets come in various heights and you can make a selection accordingly.

The flush type:
You can purchase a gravity flush toilet or an assisted flush toilet. You also have an option of buying touchless flush toilets that use sensors to flush out, or water saving toilets.

It’s style:
Think about the colour, the size of the room it has to be set in, and verify the material used, and the quality of the toilet before making a particular selection.

Other features:
Look out for its cleaning abilities, and check whether it can be installed efficiently. You can also opt for a toilet that offers automatic seat closing. Also, see to it if the toilet seat offers maximum comfort.

Our products
We at Bacini Style cater to all your bathroom needs, and have a stock of beautifully designed products including toilet suites in Melbourne. You can browse our online page and select any from amongst, Collins toilet, Georgia toilets, Marcus toilet, concealed toilets, wall-faced toilets, close coupled toilets, connector toilets, dual flush toilets, and much more. We offer 3 years guarantee on all our products.

Why us?
Being a top rated company in Australia, we work never to fail you. We ensure you have the most hassle-free online purchasing experience. Place an order with us, and you will receive the delivery in not more than a week’s time. We sell only genuine and top-class products. For any complaints or queries, you can visit our ‘contact us’ page or simply call/mail us.